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Amateur to Expert in Just 10 Weeks!

The beauty of coding is its elegant simplicity. Once you know a handful of go-to programming lines and some basic methodologies, picking up on the more advanced elements of this tech trade is a no brainer.

In only 10, short weeks, we’ll show you how to code like the pros. No matter if you’re looking to enhance your resume, start your own web development business, or merely because you’re an IT hobbyist, this Python course offers one of the greatest returns on your investment you can imagine.

Why Python?

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Career Progression

Understanding this universal way of coding can open up exciting doors for your career

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Python is one of the most versatile programming languages in the world

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Ideal For Beginners

It serves as an excellent starting point to get your feet wet and elevate your career seamlessly

What your Python Course Includes

This invaluable course will arm you with the knowledge and proficiency you need to excel in the field of programming. Our expert facilitators coupled with an unbeatable price point make this one lecture series you won’t want to miss.

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10-Weeks Intensive Learning

You will receive 10 weeks of expert instruction by pros that have worked and achieved great things in the programming space

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1-Hour Per Week

Our instructors lightly space the content out across 60-minute sessions, helping you balance your desire for professional development with your other weekly obligations

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Fool-Proof Curriculum

This isn’t your average coding course. This Python class is involved, enriching, and guaranteed to help you succeed without any prior programming knowledge or exposure

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Take This Course?

    To learn a new skill that has an immeasurable capacity to help your career take flight. With our one-of-a-kind course, you will be able to analyse and visualise big data, and even build a data analysis portfolio that you can use for job hunting.

    Your satisfaction is our priority. If you are not completely satisfied within 3 weeks of the course start date, we will refund the full amount. No hassles!

What Can I Expect from the Program?

    Every student can expect guided learning in a no-fault classroom environment. Here are some amazing ways our course can help:

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    Data Analysis

    With Python, you’ll be able to consume, analyze and distribute larger amounts of data than before, utilizing built-in libraries

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    Web Development

    Speed up the rate at which you can turn out amazing web-hosted content for yourself and clients, using Python’s web frameworks prototypes

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    AI and Machine Learning

    The future is now, and Python is leading the charge in predictive analytics and other machine learning features, by way of smart library features

What is Included?

Learning Python is Lucrative

If you’re looking to grow your income, Python is the chief technical programming tool you need in your toolbelt. Entry level programmers can expect to make anywhere from $25,000 to $35,000, while more experienced programmers often demand salaries in the range of $50,000 to $120,000.

Still a little hesitant? Take a minute and hear from some of our real students and let them tell firsthand you how PlusOne Tuition changed their life for the better.

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Ishack is such a wonderful teacher! He's patient, thorough and very knowledgable about python. I learned and understood python so much better from PlusOne Tuition than when I took my college course. I recommend PlusOne Tuition to anyone who is serious about leaning and understanding python.
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Christine Rebecca Luceus
facebook review
Ishack Mougamadou thank you Ishack was very helpful. if anyone else requires python help reach out to him. he does 121 courses too. understood my requirements and guided perfectly. well recommended.
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Pally Gill
facebook review
Ishak is knowledgeable, resourceful, and a great tutor. I worked on several python assignments/ projects with him, and it was completely worth my time and money. I would highly recommend him!
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Hazelnut Salma
facebook review
The high quality of teaching truly reflects the dedication of the tutor. The course is well-structured and easy to follow. Strongly recommended.
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Zolly Elekes
facebook review
I started working with a tutor from PlusOne a month ago and have seen a huge improvement in my understanding of concepts that I struggle with in my Data Science class. My tutor is patient, knowledgeable, friendly and good at explaining concepts. I throughly recommend him and this business overall.
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Danielle Rossman

About Your Instructor

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Ishack Mougamadou

Course Instructor and Data Analyst

Ishack Mougamadou is a professional data analyst by day, and expert class facilitator in his off hours

Ishack has more than two years of Python teaching experience, and has been a Professional Data Analyst for the last 2 years.He is based in London and holds a Master’s in Bioinformatics from the prestigious Queen Mary University of London

Course Fees

Flexible Payments

$ 200
  • Paid in 2 Installments
  • Technical Support
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One-Time Payment

$ 400
  • One-Time Payment
  • Technical Support
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