What Your 10-Week Beginner Python Course Includes

Why Take This Course?

  • Become competent in Python
  • Analyse and visualise big data automatically
  • Build a Data Analysis portfolio to be used for job hunting

Programme Content

  1. Python Data Structures: Variables, Strings, Integer, Lists and Floats
  2. Python For Loops and While Loops
  3. Python Functions
  4. Python Dictionaries and Tuples
  5. Python Regular Expressions
  6. Reading and Writing Files in Python
  7. Data Analysis using Pandas
  8. Data Visualisation using Matplotlib
  9. Python File Operations (Rename, Delete, Copy etc)
  10. Building your own data science portfolio

Course Materials & Technical Requirements

  • Free software to run Python scripts (Anaconda)
  • Jupyter Notebooks will be provided before the start of each lesson. These notebooks will help you understand the Python concepts more thoroughly
  • Coding homework will be assigned after each lesson
  • Datasets will be provided to help you practice
  • Each part of the code will be commented for further use
  • Lesson recordings will be sent after each lesson
  • Computer with Windows 10 or Mac OSX required

Recommmended Study Hours and Extra Assistance

  • 2 hours of private study per week
  • 1 hour of after-lesson assistance

Course Fees

Flexible Payments

$ 200
  • Paid in 2 Installments
  • Technical Support
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One-Time Payment

$ 400
  • One-Time Payment
  • Technical Support
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